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"I love this product. I use tons of ink because I run a t-shirt printing business and out of all the inks I have used, Acujet provides the closest quality to the original manufacturers ink that I have used in the past."
- Musik Wear LLC
"When I came across this Refill Kit I could not believe that it was so simple and so easy to operate. Much to my amazement it is truly a miracle that there was NO MESS! I often had to replace the clothes I was wearing when using other refill kits because I ended up wearing half of the ink."
- Georgia Lingenfelter, Customer
"I bought the AJ-820C refill system at Walmart in Silver City, New Mexico. It's the best refill kit that I have ever used."
- Arden Lawrence, Customer
Automatic Ink Refill System

AcuJet’s Automatic Ink Refill System enhances your printing experience by providing an easy, clean, and convenient solution to refill empty inkjet cartridges.  

Unlike traditional refill kits, the AcuJet system is a patented, second generation design that is self-contained and therefore does not require needles, syringes, gloves, or external ink bottles.

AcuJet has 6 models to offer and is compatible with over 365 printer models (43.5 million active models in the field) manufactured by HP and Canon. The units are divided into two categories: Black and Color.  

When considering a refill solution, think AcuJet.  

Our models are easy to use, create no mess, refills at least 5 times, saves consumers up to 70% versus new cartridge purchases and is 100% successful in providing a quality print experience. 

Refill Compatibility